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Greetings and welcome to The Muscular Therapy Center—your destination for peacefulness and vitality through therapeutic massage care.

My name is Catherine Carija — that rhymes with “Aria” — as in singing! I’ve been practicing massage for over 25 years. Initially I trained in Cambridge, MA and certified under Ben Benjamin’s Muscular Therapy Institute. I then trained and certified under the Paul St. John’s Neuromuscular Therapy Institute out of Florida. After that, I trained and certified with the TRAGER Institute.

My extensive expertise in pain relief is a result of many years of experience working with patients to overcome injuries.

After 25 years, these three modalities have melded together. My goal is to always listen to your needs first and then listen to your body to meet those needs, whether for deep relaxation or for pain relief.

My favorite area to work is the head, neck and shoulders because the area can be addressed from the front, the sides and the back. Because this area is so accessible, it is easy to be thorough and provide much needed relief from headaches, localized pain and discomfort, as well as limited range of motion.

My second favorite area to work is the hip and low back for very much the same reasons.

Thoroughness and specificity are qualities behind each massage I give, whether for relaxation or pain relief purposes. These qualities are the hallmarks behind providing a satisfying massage experience in which a client feels their needs have been met.


What my patients are saying:

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